Once upon a time in Rawalelatu

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Rawalelatu. Rawalelatu. Rawalelatu.
There’s something in Rawalelatu.
Not just swamps and sparks.
Not about the dusty stone roads.
Neither murder cases nor tales of goosebumps.
Not the labors at their works.

Yes, there’s someting in Rawalelatu.
More than just the plantations and wood cutters.
More than the green tourism around the trees that capers.
More than the faces of the tired labors.

At the sides of the forest Rawalelatu,
live the beavers who don’t weave.
The guards of Rawalelatu,
are those canines who barks in rhymes.
There is also that luxurius residential in Rawalelatu,
inhabited by those innocent-looking elitist cats who actually are born-bred sadists.

Rawalelatu. Rawalelatu. Rawalelatu.
Singodimedjo acts as king in Rawalelatu.
Though he’s actually a authoritarion who knows no shame.
Not because of his corruptions that are lame.
But because he comes from the race of the sovereign.

“Pursue your dreams, Adjeng.” he said,
just before his only daughter went away for college.
Hardijati then came back with new enthusiams in socialism and also new nickname.
Her friends now call her D.J.

But to Amanda, little Adjeng is still her perky bestfriend.
Only, now, all her theories sound fairly coherent.
Working as a labor in a factory, of course Amanda didn’t go to school like her friend.
The sincere, strong and brave heart is what Amanda have.
It sometimes even caught her in problems with those Hyena delinquents.

Rawalelatu. Rawalelatu. Rawalelatu.
What is in Rawalelatu?
Other than a life story wrapped in the such a timeframe;
so many animals live in one frame.
Ah, what is in Rawalelatu?
Whatever; it’s definitely not a goosebumpy tale.

17 September 2008

Rawalelatu: The start of the series

Solo show of Maryanto
At Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta
15 – 30 October 2008

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