For now, I’d prefer bad dreams

Asik Sendiri

Waking up from a bad dream is not good.
Well, not always good.
Monsters, beasts and witches are not good.
What makes you sure they’re not that good? 

What if your good dream is something bad?
It’s like waking up to a life which is (really) bad.
Monster, beasts and witches could really do something bad.
But they exist only in dreams that are bad. 

When you wake up of a bad dream,
It’s nice to know that it’s a dream
And life goes on better than the dream.
Have you ever thought how would it be when life’s worse than your dream? 

That’s it! Waking up on from good dream!
You realize that it’s just a dream
And life goes on unlike your dream.
It’s far worse than your dream. 

Now, which would you prefer?
Good dream or bad dream that gives you fever?
I really can’t tell forever,
But, now, a bad dream I’d prefer.

Now or forever,
Which would you rather?


13 October 2008

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