“Reality check” in the catalogue of the NGV Triennial 2017


Featuring more than 100 artists and designers from thirty-two countries, NGV Triennial 2017 surveys the world’s best art and design. Their cutting-edge work represents a diversity of cultures, geographies and perspectives, presented as new technologies, architecture, animation, performance, film, painting, drawing, fashion design, tapestry and sculpture.

In this publication more than fifty thought leaders respond to the exhibition with essays, opinion pieces and other creative responses that offer divergent perspectives on the themes of Movement, Change, Virtual, Body and Time.

This publication is supported by the Gordon Darling Foundation.

Editors: Ewan McEoin, Simon Maidment, Megan Patty, Pip Wallis
Publisher: National Gallery of Victoria
Limp bound softcover, with loose (screen printed) French folded linen jacket
688 pages fully illustrated in colour
ISBN: 9781925432442
Category: Contemporary art
Published: December 2017
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Believes in unicorn, conviviality and the struggle towards collective subjectivities—even temporarily.
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