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As a subject matter, the body surely cannot be represented. However, as a medium or material it may be represented through a wide amalgam of manners. How does Ferial Afiff choose to delegate her body towards other performers? Could the artist hand over the ‘task’ of the performer to her audience? How is she able to duplicate the presence of her body through mediums of photography and video? How did she come to the decision to sow her mouth act that easily seen as cheesy within the context of performance art history? How was she able to decide that particular works need only to be shown once and ‘only’ will be ended through a form of documentation?

Through MUT(ABL)E, Ferial introduces a performance artist’s investigations regarding the use of her own body. Through the artist’s search and sensibility, Ferial presents us her experiences of change and the authentic form of it through her body and self. Can you sense the experiences of change occurring within your own body and self?

A solo show by Ferial Afiff
At ROH Projects, Thamrin Nine, Jakarta
25 January – 15 February 2014

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Media reviews from Kompas, Media Indonesia, Koran Jakarta

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