ME: The empirical self of Heri Dono and Jumaldi Alfi

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The works of Heri Dono (b. 1960) and Jumaldi Alfi (b. 1973) revolve around the idea of self-portraiture and self-as-knower. Both uses themselves and quite often the image of themselves as a standpoint and to deliver their means. The latter term comes from William James’s concept of self: I (self-as-knower or active agent of experience) and Me (self-as-known or the content of experience or the empirical self). Three aspects of Me includes the material self, the social self and the spiritual self.

Heri Dono’s socio-political commentaries stands from his social self. Artists, as he consider himself as one, have to be socially apt. It doesn’t really matter what kind of artwork one creates, what matters is how one can be a part of the society through ones’ work(s). This is where Heri Dono positioned himself; an artist as part of the society. Through the society, Heri Dono evaluates and evolve.

James’ idea of the spiritual self is about the state of a person’s consciousness, the emotions attached to consciousness, then, finally, what it has to do with the experience of a person’s subjective reality, each social selves. Jumaldi Alfi plays around this area. Yes, this is the artist’s personal struggle towards balance, but isn’t it your struggle (therefore ours) too?

Art Basel in Hong Kong 2013
23-26 May 2013

Edwin’s Gallery
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong, S.A.R

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