Aphorisms of nihilisms in love

Aphorisms in Nihilism in Love

Most men do that. They love some pretty exotic women that they can never have for life. Yet, they marry those mother’s-daughter-types who, of course, would be the perfect house manager and a well-done mom.

Most women do this. They love those rebellious acts of theirs with the bastards and players that would only have them for one night. Yet, they marry the ones with certain stable-rather-normal attitudes and, seemingly, would stand spending their whole boring future sleeping next to ideal housewives that would turn fat.

Yes. Either way, both are stupid creatures.

The pretty exotic women will, one day, surrender to a sort of thing they believed as love. Not to the type of men who loved them, but to the ones they loved. Which, most definitely, is the men that most women marry, not enjoy.

The normally-rather-stable men will, sometime in their early lives, believe that they once were in love with those exotic women who they thought would never even noticed that they existed. They were wrong. And, since they were normal, they wouldn’t know.

Yes. Either way, both are naïf.

Most men, who are proud that they’re such assholes, are not. They are those melancholic-sanguine men, who hid their lovely lovable side of perfectly normal masculine side far, far away.

Most women, who are proud of being such bitches, are not. They are those weepy-classically-old-fashioned-romantic who hid their pretty much daddy’s sweet little girl side deep, deep inside.

Yes. They’re both lying.

Most men, who bragged themselves as players, are not. They are just easy and, most, thinks through their phallus.

Most women, who proudly walk-around in their hard-to-get make-ups, are not. They are just plain easy and, most, cheap.

Yes. They, too, are lying.

Hundred books, thousand films, million poems, and billion songs were made of, by, for and out of love. Most of them are lies. They’re just tales. Tales of the others.

Dictionary described love as certain contradictory things. Love is an intense feeling or deep attention. Love, yet, is a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. Also, love is a great interest and pleasure in something. Yet, also, love is a formula for ending an affectionate letter.

Yes. It is feelings together with attitudes and actions rather than words.

Most men and women who believed that the had love since early in their relationships are stupid. Love comes with compromises. How do you compromise your values with your couples if you only met? You, most certainly, can’t.

Most men and women who needed time to figure out that they were in love are usually too late. People repent things only when they already lose it. Then, is love a certain form of repentance? No. Love is something people usually took for granted.

Yes. No body’s perfect for everyone, unless you make them!

25 August 2008

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