banyakbanyak.tumblr.com is an on-going project. That link charts the progress of the latest installment of The Independence Project, a series of cross-cultural exchanges between the Melbourne-based gallery Gertrude Contemporary and colleague organizations, curators and artists throughout Asia. In 2015 Gertrude is working with Yogyakarta-based curators Kristi Monfries and Grace Samboh to facilitate a range of residencies and projects in both Indonesia and Australia.

The 2015 Indonesia–Australia partnership focuses on the collective and cross-disciplinary practices for which the Indonesian art scene is renowned. This approach sets the scene for a number of collaborative projects between Australian and Indonesian artists working beyond the gallery in performative and participatory modes.

The project launched in early 2015 with residencies for four Australian artists: Tom Nicholson in Jakarta and Dan BellRaquel Ormella and Lara Thoms in Yogyakarta. As their research and projects unfold, they will be documented on that site.

About Grace Samboh

Believes in unicorn, conviviality and the struggle towards collective subjectivities—even temporarily.
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