The globalization of art problematises existing notions of art. It is especially striking that nowadays art groups, networks, and movements worldwide are increasingly fostering involvement and direct relationships with their surroundings, and as such play an active part in the ongoing transformation processes.

ART IN ACTION thus draws attention to this development and presents some particularly interesting networks, which MAKE PEOPLE THINK!

Bee Collective (NL) – Flüchtlingsatelier(CH) – Foundation Ambar (BA) – Gulabi Gang (IN) – Hackteria & Lifepatch (ID) – Hong Kong Arts Centre (HK) – Hong Kong House of Stories (HK) – Kër Thiossane (SN) – FOA-FLUX (CH) – My Stealthy Freedom (IR) – Nanzikambe Arts (MW) – The Ugly Indian (IN) – Wooferten (HK) – 080:30 (IN) – The Newcastle Creative Network (ZA) – Village des Arts (SN)


1 Nov, 6 pm
Opening & Screening of SENI GOTONG ROYONG: HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta (50 minutes, 2014), a documentary by X-CODE films (ID), Hackteria (CH) & Lifepatch (ID)
Open Conversation with Lee Chun Fung, Wooferten (HK), Grace Samboh, Hyphen (ID), Janicke Kernland, Bee Collective (NL).
Venue: Connecting Space Hong Kong

5 Nov, 7:30–9:30 pm
Open Conversation on Art/Community/Activism & Funding with Annemarie Bucher (CH), Gitanjali Dang (IN), Janicke Kernland (NL), Connie Lam (HK), Wylie Chan (HK), Ian Leung (HK), M.P. Leung (HK), Grace Samboh (ID), Christoph Schenker (CH) — Chaired by Dominique Lämmli (CH)
Co-organized with Hong Kong Arts Centre.
Venue: agnès b Cinema

Seeds Exchange
Wan Chai – Kalkbreite – North Point —Kalkbreite— by Hong Kong House of Stories, LOVEHERBS, Connecting Spaces | Mr Lung’s Wood Workshop by Mr Lung and Yung Chun | Hong Kong House Live Cam by Hong Kong House of Stories and Connecting Space Hong Kong


About Grace Samboh

Believes in unicorn, conviviality and the struggle towards collective subjectivities—even temporarily.
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