Discussion Lab’s “Criticality Questionnaire”

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Criticality Questionnaire” is part of Discussion Lab‘s project titled #acritical, that resembles the language code of social networking sites, the organization reflects on the effects of the outburst of information and opinion that continue to build the intimidating yet powerful knowledge polis online. 

Aiming to cultivate a platform that invites everyone to participate in the discussion, Discussion Lab take this opportunity to engage with people’s ideas and expertise in addressing this integral research process. Questions addressed are:

  • With the dynamics of the Internet and other digital form of communication, which have taken a stronghold in the majority’s consciousness and daily activities, what has happened to critical thinking?
  • Every day, the knowledge polis online opens channels for opinion and information and bombards us with everything that the world or humanity can offer. How can criticality adapt to digital communication?
  • Borrowing Walter Benjamin’s articulation of capitalism and Boris Groy’s working theory of self-design online, we seemingly subscribe to a new religion where the Internet has become our church. Have we become devout to this new ‘religion’? Or, are we trapped in this new ‘church’?

Here’s a link to my reply that is introduced by Mike Cocjin and annotated by Mika Conradie.

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