The three women collaboration

This is an extension of one of iCAN’s program Wips! (Work in Progress) —a presentation forum for artists, curators, researchers, and cultural practitioners to enrich insights and develop a broader yet intimate discourses. Instead of one discussion session, the collaborating artists will present their findings and the artifacts of their ideas, starting from August 3. As days go by, more and more findings, sketches, images, ideas will be added to the showcase.

The starting point of this collaboration is: Three artists with three different ideas who are willing to go through their own processes together, who are open to each other’s sources, who are willing to share knowledge between each other. They call themselves: The three women collaborations. The name is in itself a statement. It comes with at least two premises: 1) they are viewing their works from a woman’s perspective; or 2) they want their work to start with the fact that they are women. (Read more about each stance in the artists’ profile inside.)

Inspired by the way Lashita completed her art project in Sarkem (Red District Project 2008-2009), Ferial and Jimmy followed her lead in doing their research regarding the makciks. Some people acknowledge makcik as transvestite, transsexual, transgender, she-male, etc. The project chose to use the term makcik to hopefully freely define their findings upon this research.

Showcase presentation
Friday, August 3 – Thursday, August 9, 2012

Showcase opens daily at 10.00 and closes at 20.00
You may meet the artists between 15.00 to 20.00
Do come to meet and talk to the artists

Thursday, August 9, 2012 | 15.30

Refreshments will be served

For further info and images of the project, please visit

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