project|presentation is one of ART|JOG|11’s section that features a number of ongoing art projects. All the works being displayed here are parts of a longer-term project initiated by the artists themselves. Not only that this presentation brings to you the works in progress, but it also opens series of discussion with the initiators. Curator Grace Samboh focused the dialogues on the artists’ working methods and commitment to their own (or group’s) initiatives. The idea of presenting the artist initiave projects aims at seing how these young artists conceptually explore their creative engagement.


In the past decade, Ketoprak Tobong has lost its charm. Budi ND Dharmawan suspects that the strong presence of TV in Indonesian society is the main cause to the extinction of these kinds of traditional performances. One which still survives in Yogyakarta area is Ketoprak Tobong Bhakti Kelana. Early 2010, their sole sponsor claimed that it can no longer support the performance, leading to the group’s closure. Led by his documentarist’s instincts, Budi follow the final moments of the remaining members of Ketoprak Tobong between May – July 2010. Bhakti Kelana is touring in Kediri at that time. Whether  it is true that the rumors are spread as the sponsor’s strategy to encourage the group’s members remains unclear. What matters is that Bhakti Kelana is still actively performing on stage  until today, despite of continuing rumors about termination.

Budi ND Dharmawan
Staged Life
10 digital prints on photo-paper and a selected slideshow
45 x 60 cm (prints)


This shortfilms are nothing new for those who use their Facebook accounts to find entertainment. Since early  2010, a talk-show entitled Mas Toni Blank Show animates the social networking sites with its weekly streaming, just like a regular TV show – every Thursday, 8 PM. From something which was started as a playful spectacle for exclusive consumption among close circle of friends while they are working behind computer monitors, now the Mas Toni Blank Showhas completed its third season (one season =13 episodes. Mas Toni Blank Show is Achong’s first step to realize his simple dream: Making his own Youtube account as his own television station. “Now we don’t need to have transmitter to make a TV station, we have the internet for that. So there will be more alternative spectacles, not just through TV [transmission],” he explained.

Harwan ‘Achong’ Panuju
Mas Toni Blank Show
Director’s selected 13 episodes
Video with various durations


In the last half year the phrase Berbeda dan Merdeka 100% (100% Different and Free) has been a familiar term to most of us. The case is simple: Everyone, everywhere can make any kind of work and include the phrase in the work. To update each other information about who makes what and where, the creators accross Indonesia (some photo works even made in Singapore) can send it via Facebook, Twitter, or http://www.berbedadanmerdeka100persen.net. “It is a simple call to remind everyone to continue to respect differences and keep trying to be 100 percent sovereign.  It is a form of protest to the escalation of violence, both in its symbolic and physical sense, in the country,” stated Andi Rharharha, one of the movement’s initiator.

Berbeda dan Merdeka 100% (100% Different and Free)
Website and documentations


The project was initiated in early 2008 by Wok The Rock. The graphic designer cum music lover spends almost throughout his lifetime dreaming of documenting the 1000  favorite albums of young Indonesians. The project will culminate in the presentation of a shelf with 1000 CDs, equipped with the CD players and headphones.  The project goals resembles the initiator’s way of living; simple yet ambitious. Burn Your Idol  is designed to represent the social phenomena of CD burning, which is not necessarily related with piracy interests. It is also intended to present the pop culture (in the case of music) influence to youth identity formations in Indonesia.

Wok The Rock
Burn Your Idol
Interactive installation and documentations


Each day, the significance of  background designs become more prominent in the works of the married couple, Santi Ariestyowanti and Miko Bawono. Questions, disagreements, terror, rejections, and various forms of mockery to the visual culture (both popular and traditional) are present in a series of works by Indieguerillas. TV Eye is one of Indiguerillas attempt to expand the cope of their works.  Following design, visual arts, now they are exploring the area  of  toys enthusiasts and creators.  With similar creative patterns,  they use Javanese culture images through popular vocabulary (Bagong’s bulky stature and Gatot Kaca’s wings represented as Superman), Indieguerillas invites 32 toy makers and artists to collaborate  to make an army of TV figures who are at once hated and beloved by the current generation.

TV Eye
32 customed resin toys
Variable dimensions

On Progress
was presented in project|presentation
as part of ART|JOG|11
Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
16 – 29 July 2011

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