A̶C̶R̶Y̶L̶I̶C̶: A matter of (ir)rationalizing


ROH Projects is pleased to present Aditya Novali’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, A̶C̶R̶Y̶L̶I̶C̶, featuring completely new works. This show begins a two-part series that will find a continuation that will be shown in a separate presentation during Art Basel Hong Kong 2017. In A̶C̶R̶Y̶L̶I̶C̶, Novali attempts to establish a distinct aesthetic lexicon/vocabulary through visual markers prepared on transparent surfaces of different kinds, to be articulated more comprehensively in his following show. He questions and builds an understanding of how he communicates in this new work to deconstruct this format into more complex ideas. In a way, then, this exhibition explains the cognitive, fundamental “building blocks” to be developed further.

A̶C̶R̶Y̶L̶I̶C̶ manifested itself from very humble beginnings, but very interesting questions: What is the distinction between abstract and abstraction (and does such a distinction exist) within the context of Novali’s artistic practice? To what extent does representation play a role in proposing an answer to this? Stripping it down to the core, what is the essence of what he is trying to communicate? For those acquainted with Novali’s practice, it is often the case that he takes a certain idea into a diverse array of permutations and forms. How is he able to, simultaneously, limit the width of these explorations whilst engaging a greater sense of depth at the same time?

ACRYLIC: A matter of (ir)rationalizing
ROH Projects, Jakarta
3-24 November 2016
Exhibition view here
Catalogue with full curatorial here
Curatorial translation (EN) here

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